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 What is this Website

Sengunthars.in is the complete website for SENGUNTHARS, with the objective of connecting sengunthars worldwide  to know each other and help each other

This maintains the largest database of sengunthars viz., Sengunthar Family Profiles around the world, Sengunthar Familytree, Sengunthar Matrimonial, Sengunthar Directory and many more facilities.

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Sengunthar Matrimonial

maintains sengunthar matrimonial profiles

based on our sengunthar traditions giving importance to

horoscope and relatives


Horoscope based search is the unique facility,

where one can select their preferred horoscopes

(for example- chevvai in eighth place or raghu in second place etc.,)

as advised by the astrologer.


Matrimony profile is linked with their relatives profile,

which facilates to find their family origin,

family background, relatives circle, family tree etc.,


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Sengunthar Family Profiles

Preserves Sengunthar family profiles. Every member have the facility to preserve their family member details (viz., Father, Mother, Brother, Sister, Son, Daughter, Husband, Wife etc.,). Later Add relatives in each profile (viz., uncle, aunt, Brother-in-Law etc.,) This is directly linked to Matrimony search so that one can find their family details also along with the Matrimony profile.


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Sengunthars Directory

This service maintains the contact details of  sengunthars through various category

so that to find each other and help each other